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We just partnered with Country Scent Candles to offer a Multi-Level Marketing Program for our Heirloom Traditions Chalk Type Paints and Gel Waxes.  (Finish All is excluded from this program at this time).  You can become a consultant and sell our paint products, and their candles if you would like, online as well as save 25% on your own purchases.  You earn commission from the sale anything from the free website they create for you and you can also earn override commission from the consultants that sign up under you.  This is very much like the programs that Avon, Mary Kay,  Pampered Chef, etc offer.  Your money is transferred to your PayPal automatically within 5 days of each sale.  No waiting until the end of the month for commissions.  This is such an amazing opportunity for smaller businesses who don’t think they can meet the required minimums and/or buy in as well as an inexpensive way to jump into the world of online sales.  It doesn’t get much cheaper than FREE sign up.  Sign up at this link for your free consultant account and see what this is all about.  https://www.countryscentscandles.com/store/htpstore 

How to get started:

Go to: https://countryscentscandles.com/store/htpstore

  1. Choose Consultant Sign Up
  2. Free Consultant Sign Up
  3. Check out for $0.00
  4. Choose the last part of your URL (which would be what you want to call your online store)
    1. *No tax id or business license required (you can use your social)
    2. *You do not need to have or buy your own website/URL
  5. Log in and you’ll see Paula Blankenship as your team sponsor
  6. Complete your e-wallet by adding your PayPal account for your payments and entering your social security number (of FEIN if you have one).
  7. Now you’re ready to save 25% on your purchases, make 25% on your direct sales, build your downline and earn up to a potential 10% override commission on their sales.  It’s that easy.  ZERO upfront costs! 


Are you a brick & mortar volume buyer who wishes to buy wholesale?  Email us at orders@htpaint.com with your store address, pictures of your store and a link to your business Facebook page for more info.